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Administrative reform, creating leverage for development

Tuesday, 2018-01-16 09:51:46
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PTO- Through 2017, the Public Administrative Reform (PAR) of our province has been implemented in a synchronous and effective way in many localities, levels, departments, aspects and areas, creating favorable conditions and conveniences for both organizations and individuals, contributing to raising the provincial competitiveness as well as creating a leverage and a "kick" for the socio-economic development of the locality.
In general, it is clear that the highlight of the public administrative reform in 2017 is the effective implementation of reforming administrative procedures. According to Mr. Le Tien Hung, Deputy Director of the Department of Home Affairs, on macro-orientation, the provincial People's Committee has promulgated many close and detailed management plans to set up legal bases for performances of the departments, sectors and localities. Remarkably, some departments and branches have proposed to the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee to announce the administrative procedures which have been simplified in terms of time, process and jurisdiction at all the three levels of province, district and commune. For examples, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment offered 7 administrative procedures with processing time to be shortened; The Department of Health has reviewed and reduced the processing time for 100 administrative procedures; The Department of Home Affairs cut down on the process and time of settlement for 99 administrative procedures…
In addition, the review, evaluation
and implementation of regulations on simplification of administrative procedures in the province have also been conducted regularly and actively. During the year, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee issued 17 decisions on announcement of administrative procedures covering 1,181 administrative procedures. Administrative procedures are publicly listed at designated places. Up to now, all agencies with jurisdiction to resolve administrative procedures have been maintaining operations of the reception and reply units, applying the OSS (one – stop – shop) mechanism to 100% of administrative procedures under their jurisdiction, avoiding troubles and unwanted visits for individuals and organizations.


During the year, the province has received 470,853 dossiers for settlement under the "one-stop shop" mechanism, of which 453,691 dossiers were completely settled and 17,162 dossiers were in process. This year also marked positive movement in the fields of institutional reform, reform of the State administrative apparatus, building and improving the quality of cadres and civil servants, public finance reform, and modernization of the administrative system ...
As a general overview, Phu Tho has issued a comprehensive and detailed set of guidelines for uniform performance of PAR tasks to ensure the full implementation of all contents in the national PAR Master Program for the period 2011-2020. The PAR implementation of the province has been implemented in time with high quality and efficiency, fulfilling 100% of the set target, creating an important leverage to promote socio-economic development of the locality. 

Asserting the role and importance of public administration reform, at the last session in 2017 of the provincial People's Council, the representative for the provincial People’s Committee said that through the assessment in 2016, the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) increased 6 levels compared to 2015, ranked the 29th in the whole country and the third among the 14 northern mountainous provinces, including 4 groups of increasing indexes. This reflects the active contribution of PAR. However, in order to further improve the PCI of the province, it is necessary to implement more synchronously and strongly solutions, including a breakthrough in PAR according to the Resolution of the 18th Provincial Party Congress.

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