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Flower villages prepare for Tet holiday

Wednesday, 2018-01-31 10:37:43
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This moment, flower villages in the province are focusing on taking care of flower varieties to meet the needs of customers.

PTO- In the last days of the year, flower villages in the province are more bustling. Flower beds have been pruned, watered and fertilized carefully with a hope of a "bumper harvest", bringing a cozy Tet holidays and a happy new year. In order to serve the flower market on Tet holidays, people in the flower villages in the province have actively learned techniques, experience and care to grow new flower varieties, creating the species diversity.

At present, there are 9 ornamental creatures villages in the province, including Thuong flower village, Thuy Tram red carp farming village, An My, Hung Long, Phuong Vien ornamental planting villages, Hong Van, Long An, Nha Nit peach planting villages, Trung Ngai ornamental creatures villages. These villages are mainly in Viet Tri city, Pho Tho town and districts of Phu Ninh, Cam Khe, Doan Hung, Yen Lap and Thanh Thuy. Most of them develop stably with the major products of flowers and ornamental plants. In 2016, the total turnover of these villages reached over VND76 billion with over 1,586 employees, including 1,169 permanent employees with an average income of VND3.5 million/person/month.

Thuong traditional flower village in Tien Du commune, Phu Ninh district has always been covered by red of rose and bright yellow of daisy flower all year round. These days, flower fields of the village becomes more brilliant by the appreance of flowers that are only available at the Tet holiday such as lilies, gladiolus, daisies, etc. More than 35 flower farmers in Thuong village is familiar with getting up more early to have more time to take care of their flower garden. Their flowers bloom as set plan means its the price would be 1.5 to 2 times higher than normal days. Mr. Nguyen Anh Tai - Head of Thuong flower craft village - with 20 years of experience, said that: "Previously, I only grew daisy flower. 4 years ago, I realized the people's need of flower on Tet holidays, I pioneered on growing lilies. At first, I had no experience and technical skills in flower care. Thanks to the guidance of agricultural extension staff and technique I've learned in other flower gardens, in two recent Tet holidays, I had a stable income. This year, my family has planted over 1000 m2 of lily flower with more than 10,000 bulbs and 1500 m2 of daisy flower, bringing income of nearly VND200 million.


Mr. Nguyen Anh Tai, Area 6, Tien Du commune, Phu Ninh district takes care of flower garden preparation for Tet.

In Nha Nit flower planting village of Thanh Dinh commune, Viet Tri city, the farmer also focus on pruning the peach trees' leaf to bloom on the occasion of Tet holidays. With the effort to overcome the cold winter, the "sleeping" seeds are gradually "waking up" to turn up new vitality in buds bringing the flavor of Tet. Being well-known for the peach flower planting craft for many years, Nha Nit peach flower village is home of more than 100 households growing peach flower, accounting for 85% of households in the village. Each household grows from 100 to 400 roots. As one of the most experience people in growing this flower in the village, Mr. Phan Van Kieu in Area 9 said: "The end of the year is the strenuous time of the year. Beside taking care of each tree, we also have to closely watch the weather situation to make the flower bloom on the occasion of Tet. This year, my family planted more than 400 trees, increasing by 50 trees compared to the previous year. I may earn more than VND100 million. 

Thanks to this work, many households in the commune have a stable income. The turnover of planting this flower in the whole village reached more than NVD2 billion in 2016. Mr. Hoang Dang Ngoc - Chairman of Thanh Dinh communial People's Committee said: "In order to improve the quality of peach flower and preserve the traditional peach planting craft, the commune encouraged people to renovate and replace some poor quality spieces, applying scientific and technological advances in production and re-planning the planting area to save the space, contributing to bringing Nha Nit peach flower brand name closer to customers on Tet holidays".

A new spring is coming to even the smallest alley. The flower fields in the province are full of flavor and color, as well as the aspirations of the flower growers for a happy new year.

Ha Nhung