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Hung Vuong University was recognized as the national quality standard for higher education

Monday, 2018-05-21 20:53:29
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Vice Chairman of the Phu Tho Provincial People's Committee Ha Ke San presented flowers for teachers and students of the university.

PTO- On May 21st, Hung Vuong University held a ceremony to present certificates of accreditation of educational quality standards and announce the decision on the appointment both of Vice-principal and associate professors. Attending the ceremony was Mr.Ha Ke San - Member of Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the PCC.
In the recent years, Hung Vuong University had developed dramatically in the quality of training. The faculty and facilities were being invested synchronously in the modern direction, meeting the needs of study and research. At present, over 90% of the teachers have master's degree, including 2 professors, 9 associate professors, 65 doctors. Currently, 78 lecturers are studying for the doctoral degree. Base on this condition, the university organized itself 7 training masters, 37 engineering majors, bachelor's degree, 20 college’s degree in various fields as well as providing more than 40 thousand workers to Phu Tho province and the whole country. The independent evaluation council of the Center for Education Accreditation, the Vietnam Association of Universities and Colleges voted totally to recognize Hung Vuong University as one of 120 national evaluated universities and the 85th national quality standard of higher education. 


Leaders of Center for Education Accreditation, Vietnam Association of Colleges and Universities presented certificates of accreditation of educational quality standards for Hung Vuong University.

On this occasion, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Ha Ke San announced the decision of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee to appoint Vice-principal of Hung Vuong University to Dr. Phan Thi Tinh - Head of Primary and Preschool Education Department and Associate Professor to Dr. Cao Phi Bang.

Phuong Thanh