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Opening exhibition of paintings, photos of the homeland and people of Phu Tho (Vietnam) -Soul (South Korea)

Friday, 2019-04-12 16:39:18
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PTO - On the afternoon of April 12th, Phu Tho Association of Literature opened the exhibition on painting, photo of landscape and people of Phu Tho (Vietnam) - Seoul (RoK). This is one of the cultural activities in the occasion of Hung King's Death Anniversary - Hung King Temple Festival in 2019; also a chance for cultural and literary exchange to promote the land, people and culture of the two localities.


Over 100 paintings, photos of artists, photographers in Phu Tho and Seoul were displayed at Hung Vuong Museum from April 12th to 14th (ie lunar March 8th to 10th), including 18 paintings by Korean painters. The works are high quality in terms of art, introducing the midland with 2 intangible cultural heritages of humanity: Phu Tho Xoan singing and the worship of Hung Kings. In addition, these paintings help viewers feel the beauty of culture, people and nature of RoK.


This event has also been an opportunity for artists of both countries to exchange skill with the aim of tightening solidarity towards beauty and noble human values, contributing to strengthening the friendship between Vietnam and RoK.



​​​​​​​Nguyen An