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Overseas Vietnamese delegation offers incense to commemorate Hung Kings

Friday, 2019-04-12 12:46:29
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PTO - On April 12th (ie lunar March 8th), 25 typical overseas Vietnamese from the UK, France, the U.S, Russia, Czech, Australia, Germany and Canada visited and offered incense to commemorate Hung Kings on the occasion of the Hung King’s Death Anniversary - Hung King Temple Festival in 2019.


In front of the Hung Kings’ soul, overseas Vietnamese expressed their respect and gratitude to the ancestors’ merit, praying for the increasingly prosperous country, a overseas Vietnamese community of solidarity and contributing to the construction of the richer and stronger country.

After that, the delegation offered incense to commemorate the Great Father Lac Long Quan at Lac Long Quan Temple and Great Mother Au Co at Au Co Temple in the Hung King Temple historical relic site.

Giang Ngan