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Friday, 2020-04-24 10:57:45
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PTO - On April 23rd, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai, Vice Chairman of provincial People's Committee chaired a conference on the implemention of the agricultural production plan, production situation of spring crop and key tasks in the second quarter of 2020.


Currently, there are 4.5 thousand hectares of peomelo trees in the whole province, including 2.76 thousand hectares of product trees. According to the 2020 plan, there will be 640ha of new planted area, reaching over 34 thousand tons of products. So far, 271ha has been completely planted, reaching 42.3%. The facilities of seed production and supply have met 80% of production demand with about 20,500 trees. 100% trees have been planted under the GAP-oriented techniques to improve productivity and efficiency.


Since 2016, 632ha of tea trees have been newly planted or replaced, bringing the percentage of new tea area to over 75%. Regarding to afforestation, it's newly planted 877 thousand scattered trees per 1 million trees, reaching 87.7% and 5,600/ 9,800 ha of concentrated forest, accounting for 57%, and it would be expected 8,000ha by the end of May.

Husbandry sector has also positive changes, focusing on repopulation the herd. Currently, the total number of herd is about 634 thousand heads (inclusign 63.6 thousand of sow), an increase of 24.7 thousand heads compared to the end of 2019; the average output per month of about 10 thousand tons.


At the conference, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development also reported the production results of the 2019-2020 spring crop, with the cultivated area of over 36.2 thousand ha, reaching 103% of the plan. At present, rice plants well grow and develop. The vegetables and crops reached and exceeded the plan.

Ha Nhung