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Over VND 13.9 billion raised for COVID-19 fight

Tuesday, 2020-04-14 09:28:08
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PTO - By April 12th, there were 130 units, organizations and individuals have donated over VND 13.9 billion to the fight against the COVID-19.

In addition to the above amount, many collectives and individuals have donated goods and supplies (worth nearly VND 1 billion) to serve the prevention and fighting, including negative pressure airborne isolation rooms worth VND 650 million; 17,000 face masks, 880 bottles of hand sanitizer; 10 breathing machines, 2,000 medical protective suits; 2 tons of rice, 20 boxes of instant noodles; 5,000 chicken eggs and 10,000 pairs of disposable chopsticks.

The Vietnam Father's Land Front and its member organizations at all levels have supported these goods and supplies to the medical units and facilities of disease control and prevention; individuals and families in especially difficult circumstances, labors affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

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