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Cat Tru chung cake village on Tet holidays

Thursday, 2021-02-11 10:57:06
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PTO - On these days, many people and tourists come to Cat Tru commune (now Hung Viet commune), Cam Khe district to buy "Chung cake of the ancestral land" - the famous offerings to Hung Kings for many years.


On these days, Cat Tru commune is busier than ever, it can be seen everywhere the green of Dong leaves, the white of the sticky rice, the yellow of the beans. People gather to make Chung cakes, creating a cozy atmosphere.


Mr. Hoang Van Chinh - owner of the famous Chinh Anh chung cake, which won many high prizes in the Chung cake and Giay cake making contest for the Hung Kings of Cat Tru commune, said: Cat Tru is always proud of its' Chung cake often chosen to offered to the Hung Kings on the annual death anniversary of Hung Kings.


“What makes Cat Tru chung cake special is in each ingredients. We choose the best ingredients, even fron dong leaves".


Despite not being wrapped by mold, all Cat Tru chung cake is still square, delicious, flexible and beautiful.


When it gets late in the evening, the cakes are placed in large pots with water to boil in about 12 hours by wood. The fire wood stove was burning all night. The cake is picked up and pressed to out of the water after that.


Perhaps, the perfectionism and meticulousness in making each cake, is the reason why Cat Tru chung cake is an indispensable taste on important occasions, especially Tet holidays.


Hoang Quy