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Breakthroughs in tourism activities in Phu Tho province

Monday, 2017-11-20 10:39:57
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PTO- Inspite of owning a lot of potential, tourism activity in the province has been difficult to develop for many years. In fact, for a long time, people might only know Hung King temple, Au Co temple and Thanh Thuy hot springs, they found less information on potential destinations. In other words, the connection and formation of intra-provincial tourism routes are not really paid attention. However, only in recent two years, many new destinations have been exploited and put into use, contributing to significantly changing intra-provincial and inter-provincial tourism routes, directly impacting to the habit of tourists.


Tea hill - the favorite destination of many visitors in the province.

Previously, although many places such as Hung Lo old village, Lai Len temple, Thet temple, Xuan Son National Park, etc., were considered to own many attractive cultural identities to attract visitors, they were still only potential destinations. In recent years, by boosting tourism promotion in association with directly coordinating to travel companies to design the tourism routes, these places have been exploited as tourist destinations. 

For example, after putting into operation, Hung Lo old village has not only helped the provincial tourism sector effectively exploit a potential destination but also formed a new tourism product - river cruises, connecting tourism destinations such as Hung King Temple - Hung Lo temple (Viet Tri city) -  Gia Thanh conical hat (Phu Ninh district) or Sai Nga conical hat (Cam Khe district) - Blue Pearl island (Thanh Thuy district). Besides, many new destinations have gained the visitors' love such as Tam Giang temple, Tan Duc vegetable village (Viet Tri city), Ba Pho music house, Dao Xa temple (Thanh Thuy district), Du Yen temple (Thanh Ba district), etc,.

On the basis of the existed destinations, the typical tourist products have been built, the intra-provincial and inter-provincial tourist routes have been also developed to serve the tourists. In details, the intra-provincial tourism routes includes: Viet Tri city (Hung King temple historical site, Hung King museum, Hung Lo temple), Xuan Son National Park - Thanh Thuy district ( Thanh Thuy hot springs resort, Lang Suong temple, Tu Vu victory statue, traditional craft villages, etc.); Viet Tri city - Ha Hoa district (Au Co mother temple, Ao Chau lagoon resort, etc.); Viet Tri city - Xuan Son National Park; Viet Tri city - Ha Hoa district - Thanh Thuy district; Viet Tri city - Thanh Son district - Thanh Thuy district; Viet Tri city - Doan Hung district (Song Lo victory statue, grapefruit garden, traditional craft villages), etc. The inter-provincial routes are along the road of 8 Northwest provinces; the spiritual tour along Red River in 3 provinces of Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Phu Tho; and other provinces across the country.


Tourists visit the Museum of Xuan Son National Park.

According to Phu Tho Provincial Tourism Promotion Information Center, in 2015, the Center provided consultancy services to over 60 tour operators to visit the province with nearly 6,000 turns of visitor. In particular, the number of tourists visit Hung Lo ancient village and enjoy Xoan singing was 80 delegations with nearly 2,500 turns of visitor and 15 international delegations. In 2016, the number of visitors received the information support from the Center increased to over 2 million, including 8,000 turns of visitor. The figuge in the first 9 months of 2017 were 330 delegations with nearly 7,500 turns of visitor including nearly 400 turns of international visitors. 

To achieve the breakthroughs in tourism activity, the important role of the Center in the study and formation of new destinations in the area is cannot be denied. Along with the construction of tourism products, the Center also supplies information, introduces and connects travel companies to diversify the quality of service, removing difficulties in the development of tourism products, creating a healthy business environment and a liberating legal corridor for tour operators to exploit tourism products of the province.

Kim Thu