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Lo River Victory Monument

Monday, 2017-10-23 09:28:34
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PTO - Nearly 70 years ago, on October 25, 1947, in Lo River, the section running through Chi Dam Commune, Doan Hung District many heroic battles took place, especially the Lo River historic victory of our people against the French colonialists.


Lo River Victory Monument in Chi Dam commune, Doan Hung district

Lo River Victory Monument is located on Don Mountain, Chi Dam commune, Doan Hung district. The monument was built in 1987 with a total planned area of 2,537 m2; It consists of two parts: statue and estrade. The two sides of the monument are two ship hulls and high waves to represent the historical image: The victorious ship carrying the combined strength of the Vietnamese nation is shifting to the sea under the flow of history.

The monument is 26m high next to the group of 7m high statues and is made of reinforced concrete with outer copper paint. The victory monument symbolizes a fire, representing the fierce vitality and the lasting existence of the Lo River victory; The statue body is designed with massive angles and tiled by closely matched stones. On the four faces of the monument, there are eight ornate ceramic reliefs depicting the Lo River victory and general characteristics of the human life in Doan Hung district.


The group of victory statues at the foot of the monument with their faces viewing the blue Lo River includes 5 typical characters representing the heroic forces and classes who had contributed to Lo River Victory.

Over time, the government and people of Chi Dam Commune in particular, Doan Hung District in general are always aware of their responsibility of preserving, maintaining, repairing and renovating Lo River Victory Monument to be worth as a national cultural and historical monument (recognized under Decision No. 2890 / VH-QD dated September 27, 1997 of the Ministry of Culture and Information, currently the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism); and as the place where people from all over the country coming to respectfully admire and remind of the country’s original point

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