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Xuan Son Aspiration

Wednesday, 2018-01-17 10:11:32
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PTO- Xuan Son has a huge canopy of ancient forests, imposing waterfalls and caves with stalactites of strange shapes ... all make up a majestic and charming picture in the middle of great mountains. After many years hiding, Xuan Son has been "awakened" and transformed with large-scale tourism projects, in order to turn this place into a paradise resort. The hope of a stable life in such a difficult land of everyone here will soon come true.
Such a natural work in the middle of great mountains 

The road leading to Xuan Son commune in the end of the year is full of red poinsettia blazing under sunlight, creating a beautiful scenery of a peaceful and cozy land. Far away, when the thick fogs are gradually dissipated, Lap, Um, Cuoc villages ... gradually appeared, closed in the population of Xuan Son National Park, which is said to be a "green lung" and tourist attractions in the northwest of the province. Thanks to the high mountains, deep valleys and the local custom of protecting sacred forests and mountains, so far Xuan Son National Park has still preserved a natural habitat with pieces of primary forests, rich fauna and flora with many kinds of rare plants and animals ...
Coming to Xuan Son once, visitors may enjoy four seasons in just one day. Furthermore, visitors may also have the opportunity to wander up hill and down dale, conquer high peaks, contemplate the wild nature with beautiful scenery, and enjoy the fresh air. It can be said that the nature is exceptionally affectionate towards Phu Tho as giving it Xuan Son tourist attraction!
Despite its available advantages and potentials, the development of community tourism in Xuan Son is still spontaneous and sketchy at a small scale with no specific planning and management, and lack of orientation. So, it is not impressive and attractive enough to tourists. Talking with us, Mr. Vu Tien Bac - Vice Chairman of Tan Son District People's Committee said: In the future, the district would focus on solutions to gradually make Xuan Son become an ideal tourist destination; At the same time, they would also call for investment in the areas specializing in growing cold vegetables, medicinal plants and tea hills to create highlights for Xuan Son. It is convinced that in the near future, Xuan Son would become one of the destinations which can not to be missed by any visitors.
At present, many items in Xuan Son National Park have been built and the road system serving eco-tourists from Lap village to Ngoc waterfall and Xuan Dai commune has been put into use. Initial changes show that the difficult land is changing every day.


A raw gem to be honed
Recognizing the values of Xuan Son, the provincial People's Committee has approved Xuan Son commune to be covered in the planning of the ecological resort project. The important projects in process have contributed to creating a more flourishing appearance and bringing spring to Xuan Son earlier.
Perhaps the happiest people when Xuan Son is awakened are the Dao people living at the foot of Can Mountain. Mr. Dang The Toan who has over 60 years attaching to the land and forest, as well as the people here have never thought of one day when their village becomes a tourist destination.
Looking at the excavators working all day and night to renovate and upgrade Coi inter-village road and the promising projects, Mr. Toan said: In previous years, people still followed the habit of nomadizing and shifting cultivation, they were dependent on forests and immerged in poverty. At the foot of Can Mount, there live only a few households. Now the population has increased 10 times. We are very happy with the State’s attention, investment, construction and orientation. 
The greatest wish of the simple and rustic people living in this mountainous region is that Xuan Son will become a tourist resort, to help their life more prosperous and happy.


Hoang Quy