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To develop community tourism in Xuan Son

Tuesday, 2018-02-20 16:10:10
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Trieu Sinh Thang family's homestay in Du village 

PTO- The development of community tourism is the way to attract people in villages: Lap, Coi of Xuan Son commune, Tan Son district.
Mrs. Ha Thi Hien - Vice Chairman of Xuan Son Commune People's Committee said that the province and the project support about VND 40 million/household for the families participating in community tourism development and training how to serve, welcome visitors. 100% of the houses on stilts are roofed with palm leaves, food self-sufficiency includes fish, chicken
and vegetables in the locality.
As one of the first households in Du village to invest in homestay accommodation, Mrs. Trieu Thi Lam said: Our homestay just has been expanded, we built a restaurant and more than a dozen bedrooms with toilets to serve tourists. Each room for 4 tourists with the price of VND 200,000 per day.


Not far from Lam’s family, Quynh Nga homestay and the homestay of Trieu Sinh Thang's family are considered model towards the development of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Not only brings practical economic benefits to the people, the development of community tourism also helps Dao and Muong ethnic groups living in the National Park and introducing the traditional culture through many activities: living with local people, taking part in traditional festivals and traditional crafts such as brocade weaving…
Xuan Son National Park also has the potentials to develop eco-tourism, adventure tourism, exploring tourism ...Base on these advantages, PhuTho province will plan and develop towards sustainable tourism.
Homestay of Trieu Sinh Thang's family in Du village.


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