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Bat Nan General Temple

Sunday, 2018-05-27 21:40:45
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PTO - Bat Nan General Temple was built in Phuong Lau village, Phuong Lau commune, Viet Tri city to worship Bat Nan General Vu Thi Thuc. The temple is recognized as a historical-cultural vestige of the province in 2009. The Bat Nan Temple Festival is held on 18th March and 15th August (of the lunar calendar) every year, attracting people and visitors from everywhere. About Bat Nan General Vu Thi Thuc, according to the history books, Dong Nhung General Vu Thi Thuc was born in Phuong Lau village, Viet Tri city. In her lifetime, Thuc Nuong was a woman of beauty and decentness, with full literary and military capacities. 
At the age of 18, Thuc Nuong was engaged to Pham Danh Huong (a son of a village notable who managed 13 estates in Nam Chan on the other side of the river, whose original hometown was in Liet Trang). At that time, our country was a colony of the Northern Feudal Dynasty. Chinese Governor To Dinh (of the Han Dynasty) who were ruling our country made his soldiers arrest her father and intended husband to his palace to force a marriage of Thuc Nuong to him. Being refused by them, To Dinh attempted to kill her father and Pham Danh Huong and then ordered his soldiers to hunt down Thuc Nuong. Thuc Nuong fled to Tien La land, in Hung Ha district, Thai Binh province. Here, she set up a military base, raised a flag of revolt, managed people to develop agriculture and built strong forces. For the revolt of Hai Ba Trung, they persuaded and invited support from Thuc Nuong. Thus, she and the generals drew troops back to Me Linh to raise the flag of rebellion against the Han invaders. The national independence didn’t last long when the Han Dynasty invaded our country again in April of 42 AD. Hai Ba Trung and many generals sacrificed heroically. Upon the fall of Cam Khue Battle, Vu Thi Thuc withdrew her troops to entrench in Tien La Estate to continue resistance. In August of 43 AD, the Han invaders attacked the base and the insurgent army fought strongly. Vu Thi Thuc did suicide by her own sword in Kim Quy Mound. Remembering the merits of Bat Nan General, Tien La people set up a temple for filial generations to worship and commemorate the national hero. 


According to the legend, after her death, the local people in Phuong Lau commune, Viet Tri city set up a temple to worship the Bat Nan Female General. Initially, it was a small temple made from bamboo leaves and later was rebuilt with laterite bricks – a typical building material of the midland. About 200 years ago, when Lo River did not change its flow, Bat Nan Temple was built in a position outside the big banyan tree. Through long time and many changes of the history, the temple architecture has been ruined. After 1975, the local people altogether rebuilt the temple at its initial position. The small temple became the spiritual support for many people in the region. Up to now, the temple still preserves many antiques such as flower tubes, large wooden compotes, bowls, dishes, lime pots and censers of the 19th and 20th century dates. Every year, on the 18th March and 15th August (of the lunar calendar), Phuong Lau villagers celebrate sacrifices to commemorate her merits with many meaningful folk games such as Xoan singing, boat racing, tug of war, pot beating, chess... The temple was built in Yi (–) shape in a campus which is not wide but relatively close to nature. The 45-square-meter temple consists of a two-room chapel viewing the south-east and facing the Lo River. This is a beautiful location according to the folk notions of the agricultural people because the places where there exist such flows as rivers, streams, lakes, wells ... are the gathering points of good human, water and luck. Local authorities and people are proceeding to embank the river bank in front of the temple, both to protect the monument and to prepare the venue for future boat races. The monument is always open to visitors to have sightseeing and celebration. 

Linh Nguyen