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Coming to Long Coc

Thursday, 2018-07-05 15:14:40
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Long Coc tea hills

PTO – Tea has been associated with the working life of the people in Phu Tho midland for a long time. Coming to Long Coc, Tan Son District, tourists will have interesting experiences in the tea “oasis” - which are considered as “Ha Long Bay” in the ancestors’ land 
Producing clean tea. 

To Ms. Phung Thi Le’s house, one of the households that has led in growing tea in accordance to VietGAP standard at Can area. Ms. Le said: “Tea has been grown here for a long time; however, since 2015, we have just started to join in the cooperative group of producing the safe tea in accordance to VietGAP standard. During the operation of growing tea, we do not use herbicides and chemical fertilizers, we mainly use organic fertilizer. Tea buds that have just grown up will immediately be picked to limit the number of pests. Holding the hot tea cup that has just been diluted, I have been able to feel the fragrant sweet smell of the new produced spring tea”.
The clean tea has helped Ms. Le’s family and many households in the commune in having a stable market. The goods have been sold out right after being produced. It has brought back a high level of income ranging from 80 to 100 million VND per year for households.  
Having had the favorable topographic and climate for the growth of tea, tea has been a familiar plant here for nearly 50 years with more than 600ha. In the past time, Long Coc people grew tea basing on their experiences; they mainly produced to serve their personal purposes, not to sell. Until the 1980s, when the Government has had the policy of building a tea producing area to export, the area of tea has just been expanded in the orientation of industrial production. In addition to the traditional midland teas and hybrid teas, recently in the area there has appeared some of special teas such as Bat Tien, Phuc Van Tien, Shan Tuyet. Having realized the demand for tea products that have been sold with higher price in comparison to the price of fresh tea buds, some households have invested in mini-tea plants to process tea. Through the time, people here have improved their growth and processing techniques by learning from media mass, training courses held by communal or district authorities, and visiting the tea production areas in the nearby provinces. Thus, people in the commune have paid more attention to the cultivation techniques and founded the cultivation cooperation groups that grow and process safe tea in accordance with the VietGAP standard. These patterns have both helped to enhance tea product quality, conquer the “difficult” markets, bring back the stable income to people who grow tea, and protect the ecological environment. 
Tea “oasis” in Midlands. 


Thanks to the hard-working and talented people, Long Coc tea hill has not only brought back production value but also tourism development potential. On the winding road with the upside-down bowl shape, adjacent tea hills that seem to lengthen to infinity in the road’s sides, we have come to the “good location” position that we can contemplate “Ha Long Bay in Midlands” – where 4 huge outstanding hills being adjacent and continuous to one another “reign” to create a breath-taking landscape. At the same position, it is obvious to contemplate the whole view of Long Coc commune situated in the valley, looming in the mist. 
To Long Coc, tourists are not only able to discover tea hills, enjoy cool fresh atmosphere, but also enjoy the typical specialty of the Midlands, immerse themselves in the special cultural space of Muong people. 
In the other locations, people have both produce tea and “rely on”  tea hills to create an emphasizing position to attract tourists. Typically, in Thai Nguyen, Moc Chau (Son La), with their dexterous hands, people have designed and made the heart-shape tea hills and round-shape tea hills, etc. that have brought new strange experience to tourists. In the near future, Long Coc people want to introduce their beautiful landscapes, delicious tea products, and unique national culture to tourists. Thus, there should have policies to develop ecotourism combined with community tourism based on the tea hills so that these advantages will not be only the potentials. Also, we will be able to promote true values to contribute to the economic development and bring stable income to people. 

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