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Discovering the landscape of the concave stream base

Monday, 2018-10-01 21:04:22
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Phuc Co historical monument stele located in the entrance of the base. 

PTO – From Yen Lap town traveling along the road No. 313, we have crossed Ba Khoanh slope, Suoi Ran slope to come to Phuc Co base in Minh Hoa commune. Located in a small valley, Phuc Co base or Minh Hoa concave has the area of 1.757ha, the length of 7km, the width of 1.5km, surrounded by a lot of high mountains. This is one of the three of revolutionary bases in ancestors’ homeland. At the same time, this is also an attractive beautiful spot that covers all of elements such as waterfall, streams, forests, lawns to satisfy young people who love to explore the nature. 
In the trip to learn about the concave base, we have been guided by the youth union members of Minh Hoa commune, the ones who know well of every corners of the base. To going deeper into the concave base, we have had to walk along the path near the stream. In the entrance path, we have met some groups of young people setting up tents, camping on the grass and some of delegations coming to visit the old battlefield. The view of the concave base in the autumn is surprisedly peaceful. Along the sides of the path, there are the poetic purple cornflowers, and some vernicia montana flowers blooming embracingly, etc. All of those have given us the very fisrt excitement. 


Climbing through the huge rocks. 

After that, we have had to continue crossing the paths near the stream banks to go to the main stream. Some of the members in our team have chosen to travel upstream along the stream with the boulders that are as big as the fist, have the strange colours. Going deeper into the waterfall, the big rocks lying in the middle of the stream or near the banks, and the strong currents of water make the path to the waterfall become more and more dangerous. However, this is an interesting challenge to the ones who love to explore. 
Then, after continuing going upstream and climbing through the rocks, we have reached the highest waterfall in the concave base. We have stopped and had a break there. Because of not being invested and improved, this place is still dense and wild. However, when climbing up to the top of the waterfall, you will see the harmony of sky and ground, your hands could touch the clouds flying in front of you, and you could contemplate the outstanding view of the mountains and the forests. Under your feet, there is the waterfall impetuously rumbling down with the white foams, etc. If you don’t climb to the top of the waterfall, another option for you is swimming at the foot of the waterfall, tasting capsule – a kind of fruit that is small, white, sweet, refreshing with delicious and strange taste. 
Beside the meaning of history, tourism, the streams from concave base to the fields which help the irrigation system of Minh Hoa always full of clean water, contributing to the agricultural service of the whole commune.


The local people call it capsule. 


The tourists have not forgot to capture the beautiful moments at the waterfall. 

Coming to the concave base, we have also not forgot to memorize the paths through the waterfall with a lot of emotions as well as the majestic and poetic beauty of the waterfall and then enjoy the quick and simple meal among the natural excitedly and passionately, etc. 


The highest and most beautiful waterfall in the concave. 

Moc Lam