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Tuesday, 2018-10-16 16:05:50
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International visitors enjoy Xoan singing in the ancient Hung Lo communal house. 

PTO- With an aim to diversify tourism products in Phu Tho province, Viet Tri City tours was built to give visitors new and deeply experiences of culture and Hung Kings worshipping beliefs, Xoan singing and the people’s life at the ancient land.

The current tourism product of Viet Tri city is "spiritual tourism associated with cultural heritage". The city has focused on building 9 destinations in 3 city tours including Hung Kings Temple historical relic site, Hung Lo ancient village and communal house, Lai Len temple and places of Xoan singing performances. After announced and put into operation, these tours has gradually attracted thousands of visitors to the ancestral land.

Hung Lo is a over 300-year-old ancient village, located along the bank of the Lo river. Hung Lo has long been well-known by its unique architecture of ancient constructions such as pagodas, temple, communal houses. In addition to ancient beauty and a long cultural and historical values, Hung Lo attracts visitors by its famous rice vermicelli craft. With the traditional secret, people here creates white, long and delicious noodles that are popular among people inside and outside the province. Delicious and beautiful Chung cakes are also a villager's honor, which has been chosen to offer Hung Kings in Hung Kings temple festival every year.

Each year, Hung Lo craft village welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to experience the customs and habits of local people, tourists will be taught how to make rice noodles, pack Chung cake, enjoy the village specialties and buy them as gifts.


After visiting Hung Lo ancient village, tourists can go to Hung Vuong Museum - where exhibits the artifacts of history, process of socio-economic development associated with the construction and defense of the country of previous generations in the ancestral land; Vincom - a shopping center of Phu Tho; Thet communal house - a place of cultural activities and performances of Phu Tho Xoan singing; or Tam Giang relics complex, located at the confluence area of the Red, Đà and Lô rivers; Tan Duc Safe Vegetables Village is also a choice for experience of the farmer's life, as well as visit and buy fresh agricultural products.

In the first 6 months of 2018, there were over 7 million turns of visitors coming to Viet Tri city. The number of visitors staying overnight reached 250 thousand turns (including 4.5 thousand turns of international visitors). The tourism promotion has also been recorded positive changes to promote the image of Viet Tri city’s tourism to domestic and foreign tourists.

Hanh Thuy