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Dinh Chung Communal House - Giap Lai Commune – Place of worship of Mount Saint Tan Vien

Saturday, 2018-12-01 20:21:20
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PTO- Dinh Chung is a communal house of the Muong people, built on a high hill in Dinh Chung Village, Giap Lai Commune, Thanh Son District. The communal house is place for worship of Mount Saint Tan Vien and Quy Minh, Cao Son; those who took credits of gathering people, building villages and named as tutelary gods.

Dinh Chung Festival is held on the 14th and 15th days of the lunar February each year. With the belief of worshiping Tan Vien Mount Saint, Dinh Chung Communal House also worships his mother, Ms. Dinh Thi Den. The worship of Mother here is in line with Vietnamese’s common worship of Mother such as Mother Au Co, Mother Earth, making the national identities of Vietnamese spiritual culture.


According to the villagers, the communal house was built in the late nineteenth century. In the past, the communal house was made of wood columns and palm leaves. The communal house was repaired in 1938. During the resistance wars, the communal house’s architecture has been damaged. In commemoration of the predecessors’ merits, in 2010, the local authorities and people rebuilt the communal house on the existing ground and restored worship as well as the traditional customs.


Dinh Chung has still preserved the jade records of relics, and historical deeds of the gods to be worshiped here besides some wooden objects and antiquities dating back to the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century such as: chests, wooden censers, merit lists. Dinh Chung is associated with the history of the formation and development of Giap Lai Commune, is also a place for spiritual activities, connecting the village community. The communal house was ranked as a cultural and historical vestige of the province in 2012.


Dinh Chung Festival was annually taken place with many traditional cultural activities of the Muong indigenous people. The sacrificing includes procession and offering according to the traditional rituals.
Dinh Chung Festival attracts the local people and their relatives who are living, studying and working away from the home village and the people in the surrounding areas.

Dinh Chung has become an indispensable spiritual footprint of the Muong Giap Lai people, holding specific and unique cultural values while representing the community links. Maintaining and protecting Dinh Chung historical relic together with preserving traditional festivals of ethnic minorities contributes to enriching the cultural treasures of the Fatherland

Linh Nguyen