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Enhancing community role to develop sustainable tourism

Thursday, 2018-12-27 09:57:24
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International tourists join with Xoan singing artisans at Hung Lo communal house (Viet Tri city).

PTO- Community participating in the tourism is interested and encouraged. Localities in the province, especially who have a advantages in tourism development, have been actively promoting the role of the community in attracting tourists.

When local people contribute to tourism development

Since “Xoan singing in ancient village” officially became a tourist product together with Hanoi - Phu Tho daily tour themed "Visiting the ancestral land", that meant the artisans of Xoan singing village also joined in the tourism development. The joy and hope when taking benefits from the inheritage that she has been responsible to preserve, Ms. Bui Thi Kieu Nga - Head of  Xoan Thet ward, Kim Duc commune, Viet Tri city shared: The artisans like me not only make visitors to feel the "soul" of Xoan, understand Xoan's lyrics, but also bring our sincere sentiment to them.

Development of services, including tourism services, is one of three breakthroughs, identified by Viet Tri in its journey to become a festival city towards the origin of Vietnamese people. Along with the investment in infrastructure and facilities, the construction of tourist product and tours, the city has been also particularly interested in the role of the people, especially the community in tourist spots.

Mr. Nguyen Van Van - Vice Chairman of Viet Tri city People's Committee said: “Viet Tri has issued a code of conduct in the city. With the contents focusing on disseminating, mobilizing and educating people to implement cultural and friendly behavior, creating a good impression to visitors when coming here”.

This has been clearly expressed in the development of community-based tourism in Xuan Son National Park. Currently, there are about 10 households participating in Homestay accommodation services. These households are not only encouraged to sell local products, but also receive the training of skills on service and preparation of traditional local dishes .


Xuan Son Homestay – community -based tourism attracts many tourists.

Associating to form tours

In fact, the province's tourism activities have had many changes. Tourist areas and spots have been initially formed. The construction of new destinations and tours has received a special attention and achieved initial results. On the other hand, thanks to the promotion and introduction of the image of Phu Tho's land and people, in the past few years, attracted more and more visitors. Gia Thanh conical hat craft village, Hung Lo ancient village, Thanh Thuy hot mineral springs, Xuan Son National Park and many other tourist destinations are being included in many tours.

In order to develop tourism sustainably, the community plays an important role, yet being still spontaneous. The exploitation of community - based tourism at tourist spots at present is a problem for the local and functional agencies. Therefore, the province should study and develop special and synchronous preferential mechanisms and policies to attract investors and community organizations to participate in tourism development. In addition, it should be paid attention to training and recruiting local workers, supporting individuals and local organizations to participate in the production of souvenir products, creating specific products of the tourism spots.

Moc Lam