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River tour: Opportunities and Challenges

Tuesday, 2018-12-11 18:27:40
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Gia Thanh conical hat craft village is a special destination only welcoming international delegations of river tours.

PTO- To be favoured by nature with 3 big rivers of Lo, Thao and Da river, Phu Tho province converges the basic conditions to form a hard yet attractive form of tourism - the river tourism. Since 2015, river tourism have started to be exploited  to mainly serve international tourists. After 4 years, river tourism has initially confirmed its position and opened up new prospects for the ancestral land's tourism.

Thank to be a culture imbued with national identity, Phu Tho has been quickly discovered and put into operation by travel agencies and shipping companies. The destinations are designed in harmony between the traditional cultural values and the lifestyle of people living in the middle land. The stopover stations are described the cultural values  as well as the typical craft villages of the ancestral land such as Xoan Singing in Hung Lo ancient village, Thet communal house in Kim Duc commune, craft villages of Hung Lo commune (Viet Tri city), Gia Thanh conical craft village (Phu Ninh district) and sometimes Tam Giang temple, Bach Hac ward (Viet Tri city).

After many years of exploitation, river tours have helped to show some beauties of the traditional culture and lifestyle of the local people.

Not only facilitating the diversity development of tourism forms, river tourism has also significantly contributed to the maintenance and development of traditional craft villages in the direction of stability and efficiency. Hung Lo is a long traditional vermicelli craft village. Since becoming a tourist destination, villagers have become more aware of improving the quality of their products, from purely commercial products to typical tourist products of the locality. Similarly, the handmake conical hats in Gia Thanh village seemed to be lost for a long time when the consumption of the product gradually decreased. However, since becoming a destination of the river tour, these products ensured the income of local people, letting them feel secure about their work. It can be said that river tourism has initially contributed to preserve traditional craft villages of the province.

However, besides many opportunities, river tourism also encountered many difficulties and challenges, directly affecting the effectiveness. One of the reason is that localities has not yet interested in investing in specific destinations. Currently, in addition to Hung Lo and Gia Thanh villages, river tours have not yet built new tourist attractions. Investment activities have not been paid much attention due to the unclearly development.

In order to attract not only foreign tourists but also domestic tourists, localities in Phu Tho need to invest more stopover stations imbued cultural identity of the region. On the other hand, paying more attention to both safe and unique ships and wharves as a highlight of the journey of exploring the new destinations on river tours.

Kim Thu