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Building Viet Tri image as "elegant, friendly, hospitable ..."

Wednesday, 2019-01-30 08:08:58
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PTO - Viet Tri City has been remaining a variety of vestiges and historical values of Hung Kings’ Era together with a lot of festivals typical for cultural characteristics of this Fatherland. Every land name and village name is associated with historical legends, which becomes an attractive destination for fellow citizens and tourists.
Located at the foot of Nghia Linh Mountain and inherited with "entire" sacred cultural historical values as a Special National Historic Site, Hung Kings’ Temple has always been respected by generations of Hy Cuong people as their pride and precious property. Hy Cuong Commune is the most popular to many tourists coming to Hung Kings’ Temple and has many households do business in the Historic Site. In the recent years, they have created a good impression in the tourists’ hearts for their civilization and politeness in trade exchanges by listing selling prices publicly and no longer soliciting customers like they did some years ago.


Wherever in the city, from relics to squares or amusement parks ... every citizen upholds the sense of preserving the social order, protecting the environmental landscape, being friendly, respectful and helpful to tourists, and propagating the national cultural beauties. Even elementary school students can now sing simple but meaningful Xoan songs passionately and fluently. 
Whenever Xoan songs are sung in Hung Lo Communal House and Lai Len Temple, people hold each other’s hands to form circles. The local artisans and actors sing the songs together with tourists who come for visiting and enjoying Xoan songs. The joys and happiness shown on each face are enough to demonstrate the appreciation and hospitality of the local people. The preservation, protection and promotion of heritage values are significantly contributed by cultural officials who are also the locals. They play the roles as elegant and graceful tour guides and speakers to introduce unique cultural values of their home land as well as long-standing local historical relics to domestic and foreign tourists.


Determining the local tourism development in association with the city's tourism development, Tho Son Ward’s authority has recently promoted propaganda and advertisement of various tourism forms to raise the public awareness of tourism development. Extensive propaganda has been conducted through the mass media and by posting the codes of conduct at the Ward People's Committees and cultural houses in residential areas. Furthermore, specific and direct impacts are made on service business households in order to prevent the cases of encroaching on roadbeds, sidewalks, or placing billboards in contravention of regulations causing loss of urban beauty, and providing city maps at stores...
Ms. Nguyen Thu Hien - Head of Viet Tri City Department of Culture and Information said: “In 2019, we aim to make breakthroughs in building up the image of Viet Tri citizens. The handbook of "Code of cultural conduct in Viet Tri city" released in the early days of 2018 is considered as a "manual" where every citizen and every family can learn to perfect themselves. We also give a code of conduct to one of the criteria for assessment of cultural families and cultural residential areas in the locality, so that we can build up a good community and contribute to making Viet Tri become a "Festival City towards the origin of Vietnamese people". Thus, every tourist who comes here will feel satisfied and enjoy the great hospitality and humanity.

Thu Huong