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Discovery of U Village

Monday, 2019-02-11 11:48:17
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PTO- U Village - Thu Cuc Commune, Tan Son District still retains its simple and pristine beauty as a mountainous region where you will never forget if you once set foot in.
Thu Cuc is located at the junction of Highway 32 to Yen Bai and Highway 32B through Son La Province. Thus, a lot of tourists and adventurers have crossed this land in their journeys to discover the Northwest. U Village is not far from the center of Thu Cuc Commune. Right at the entrance to U Village, on both sides of the road are simple houses of the Muong ethnic people.


Going further inside, you may see the wild and peaceful scenery of the mountains and forests together with large fields located along Bua River. According to the indigenous people, the only access road to the village is across the junction of Bua River and Khuc River. At the downstream where the two rivers merge into one, they are collectively referred to as Bua River.


Access Road to U Village.
As Muong people in U Village live mainly on wet rice cultivation, irrigation is of great importance. Since the 1960s, Bua River has been blocked by the U Village’s community to make up a water reservoir for agriculture. There exists a very unique and impressive wooden dam across Bua River, which is named Pha Dam or U Dam. 


U villagers still use bamboo rafts for travelling on the river.

On the upper side of the wooden dam is a clear blue lake, which marks the Muong people’s achievement of blocking the river for a water reservoir. The section of Bua River which runs near U Dam is winding with a lot of multi-sized rocks arranged as a matrix.


U Dam - a unique work of the locals to block the water flow to make up a water reservoir for farming. (In the past, U Dam used to take use of water power to generate electricity when there was no electricity grid).

On hot summer days, Muong people in Thu Cuc Commune and surrounding areas often go to U dam and places along Bua River to enjoy such a cool fresh air.

Linh Nguyen