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The highlights of Phu Tho tourism

Wednesday, 2019-03-06 15:42:00
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PTO- Being the mid-term year of implementing the Resolution of 18th Phu Tho Provincial Party Congress on tourism development - one of the four breakthrough stages of the 2016-2020 period, 2018 was an important year in order to promote tourism to fulfill tourism development goals in the coming year.
In 2018, Phu Tho promoted to build tourism products associated with the cultural heritage values such as: cultural and sports activities, celebration of major provincial holidays, tourism programs associated with Hung Kings worship with the core is Hung King's Death Anniversary - Hung King Temple festival,  Xoan Singing of ancient village, daily tours of Hanoi - Phu Tho in 2018 continued receiving the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Community tourism products in Xuan Son National Park have been invested and built to serve visitors.



Along with that, resort tourism products continue to be invested and upgraded with a variety of services at Thanh Thuy hot mineral water resort. The Blue Pearl island and King's Garden resorts are becoming famous destinations with many domestic and foreign tourists. In 2018, international tourism river route is regularly organized and welcomed thousands of international visitors to visit, experience, discover cultural heritage values, people of the middle land, etc. Tourism products associated with agricultural production villages, urban tourism products, souvenir products have also been formed, initially creating a diverse and variety.

Linking activities to develop tourism continue to be promoted through the cooperation program for tourism development in 8 northwestern provinces. The tourism enterprises are facilitated to participate in many forums, exchange programs, cooperation and tourism promotion with organizations, associations, tourism groups to make links and promote tourism inside and outside the country. At the events, the booth of Phu Tho tourism introduction has attracted millions of visitors to recherche informations, contributing to bringing the brand and tourism image of Phu Tho province to numerous domestic and national tourists. 


Thanks to the efforts, in 2018, the tourism industry has completed its targets: Welcoming more than 8 million visitors in order to serve 580,000 guests, reaching 105% of the yearly plan, up 16% compared to the same period in 2017, in which welcomes and serves 7,200 international visitors, up 18% over the same period in 2017. The revenue of tourism services is estimated at VND 3,000 billion, up 18% compared to the same period in 2017; attracting more than 13,000 direct and indirect employees in the tourism.
The infrastructure system for tourism is also upgraded, completed and put into operation with a series of high quality service and accommodation facilities such as: Saigon - Phu Tho Hotel, X2 Vibe Viet Tri hotel, Song Hong Thu Do Center in Tu Xa commune, Lam Thao district; Muong Thanh Phu Tho Hotel, etc., meeting the high demand of tourists coming to Phu Tho.
In time to come, along with the efforts of the Party Committees, authorities, the consensus of the people and businesses in the development tourism, hoping that Phu Tho tourism will continue to develop strongly and becoming a breakthrough in economic development of the province.

Nguyen Dac Thuy