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Thanh Thuy district develops tourism and service

Thursday, 2020-06-11 15:02:23
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PTO- Recently, Thanh Thuy district has determined that tourism and service would develop as well as attracting investment, creating jobs for local laborers, so that the district has focused on developing many types of services associated with tourism, taking advantages of the local.
The system of hotels, motels, catering services and resorts in the district is invested, built and basically met the needs of tourists.
The whole district now has 23 accommodation establishments, of which 4 two-star hotels; 2 one-star hotels, King’s garden resort &villas  and 19 guesthouses, a total of more than 520 rooms and over 30 restaurants with many specialties such as fish of Da river, goat, chicken, pig.
It is estimated that revenue of tourism and services increases on average over 10% per year; annually attracts over 1.3 million visitors; creating jobs for thousands of local laborers.

Minh Tu