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Guidance address for visitors to Xuan Son

September, 2021-09-29 10:51:00
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( Xuan Son National Park is one of the attractive tourist attractions of Phu Tho with the natural landscape, the diverse ecosystem and the unique cultural identity of the ethnic minorities. 

In order to develop Xuan Son National Park to become a destination in the community tourism journey, in March 2021, the Phu Tho Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has put into operation the Tourist Information and Support Center in Xuan Son National Park.

The Tourist Information and Support Center has been operating since March 2021.

The center organized information activities and tourism promotion, supporting and guiding visitors to Xuan Son National Park. Displaying and promoting the potential strengths of ecotourism, cultural identity of the Dao and Muong communities, introducing and selling typical local products.

This place introduces the cultural identities of the Dao and Muong communities and sells typical local products.

Becoming a place of advice and support for tourists to Xuan Son National Park as well as a bridge connecting travel agencies, coordinating with local people to build tourism products and services in order to create jobs and increasing income for local people.

In September 2021, the reopening of tourist attractions in the province is an opportunity for Xuan Son National Park to attract tourists and develop services after the temporary suspension of COVID-19.

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